About Us

cafe-lou-lou-clay-wallaceChef Clay Wallace returned from a ten-year stint in New Orleans to open Cafe Lou Lou in 2004 with the help of his family. He brought back to Louisville a New Orleans attitude to his food. He had trained at Cafe Metro and was Executive Chef at 21 so the necessary kitchen skills were taken with him to the Crescent City.

Living in New Orleans, he became even more aware of food, not only as nourishment or a job, but also as a way of life. Even now when we all sit down together the conversation turns to food. Cafe Lou Lou, Lou for Louisiana, and Lou for Louisville means great food with genuine New Orleans and Mediterranean influences.

Besides New Orleans/Cajun influences, Mediterranean cuisine is honored on Lou Lou’s menu. ┬áJust as gumbo is a favorite New Orleans dish, which combines many flavors of many different cuisines to make one amazing one, Cafe Lou Lou mixes these together to present a varied menu prepared with loving attention.